COVID-19 Vaccination – How Employers Can Prepare

COVID-19 Vaccination – How Employers Can Prepare

Speaker: Dan Evans

In this webinar:

  • A brief overview of the CJRS – how to plan for the spring
  • COVID-19 health & safety risk assessments
  • Can employers require its workforce to be vaccinated?
  • What discrimination issues may arise.
  • A Covid-19 Vaccination Policy.
  • How to manage employees who refuse to attend work because of others’ refusal to be vaccinated.

“If the employer chooses to apply a policy which obligated its employees to be vaccinated, “the only option an employer would have when faced with an employee who has refused to get the vaccine, after reasonable requests and consultation, would be to apply its disciplinary policy – which could give rise to discrimination claims.”

Dan Evans, Solicitor

In this webinar, the Employment team looked at the vaccinations in the workplace and whether it is possible for discrimination issues to arise with those who choose not to be inoculated.

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