Data Protection Inside & Outside the Workplace

Data Protection Inside & Outside the Workplace

Speakers: Lowri Morgan-Macdonald, Adam McGlynn,

  • Personal data and the principles of data protection
  • The lawful grounds for processing personal data and special category data
  • Data subject rights and subject access requests
  • How to avoid, prepare for, and manage data breaches.

The GDPR doesn’t apply to data that has been truly anonymised where it’s no longer possible to identify the individual from the data. This is to be distinguished from pseudonymised data. Because that individual can still be identified by combining pseudonymised data with other information that you hold, that is still considered personal data and will be covered by the GDPR.

Lowri Morgan-Macdonald, Associate

In this webinar, we looked at the importance of protecting data inside and outside of the workplace. Joined by with Lowri Morgan-Macdonald from our Technology & Communications team, we looked at personal data, why it’s important and what you can do to prevent and protect against data breaches.

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