Family-Friendly Employee Benefits: Rights and Proposed Reforms

Family-Friendly Employee Benefits: Rights and Proposed Reforms

Speakers: Yannick Ramsamy & Adam McGlynn

In this webinar:

  • Current state of family rights and benefits across the UK.
  • The rationale for reform proposals.
  • Proposed reforms to the following areas:
    • Shared Parental Leave
    • Maternity and Paternity eligibility
    • Job security during family-related leave
    • Flexible working
  • Considering new approaches and preparing for reforms 

“These types of proposals and reforms have very much come out of problem areas identified or potentially exacerbated by the pandemic in the last 12 months.”

Yannick Ramsamy, Senior Associate

In this webinar from the Employment Team, Senior Associate Yannick Ramsamy & Solicitor Adam McGlynn looked at the current state of the family-friendly rights and benefits that currently exist for parents, and the proposed reforms put forward by Maternity Action.

This was an interactive webinar as part of Acuity Engage, where people had the option to speak about the proposals and vote on the polls surrounding the suggested reforms.

What do you think about the proposed reforms? Will you be reviewing your family-friendly policies? Email the Employment Team and let us know.

How often do employees at your business utilise Shared Parental Leave?

Is the proposed replacement to SPL fit for purpose?

Are additional protections from redundancy during family leave necessary?

Should employees have the right to submit a flexible working request by default?

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