Food & Fashion: Trading With Japan Under UK-Japan CEPA

Food & Fashion: Trading With Japan Under UK-Japan CEPA

Speakers: Tessa Laws, Anna Dingley – Japan Connect & Nihon M&A Centre, Marie-Claire Joyce – British Embassy in Tokyo, Robin Walker – Welsh Government

In this webinar:

  • What to expect when trading with Japan
  • Free Trade Agreement Overview
  • Japanese culture and how it should reflect how you do international business
  • Japanese consumer trends
  • Questions & Answers

“You all know Japan is a large trading economy. It is the third largest GDP in the world and over 10,000 companies are exporting to Japan. What a lot of people don’t realise is just how big the Japanese regional economy. The southern island, Kyushu, is the size of the entire Thai economy.”

Marie-Claire Joyce, British Embassy in Tokyo

This webinar was an introductory seminar exploring routes to market, and what to consider when trading into Japan for those in the fashion or food industries. The session covered legal practical and trade advice from those on the ground in Japan and the UK.

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