Issues and techniques for SMEs entering foreign markets

Issues and techniques for SMEs entering foreign markets

Speakers: Henry Clarke

In this webinar:

  • Why do businesses internationalize?
  • Relevant issues to consider when internationalizing.
  • What do those issues mean for the legal services you need?

In the first of a series exploring international trade with our advisory group of industry-leading lawyers to help you navigate post-Brexit international trade agreements and legislation, we start with our preliminary webinar, “Issues & Techniques for SMEs Entering Foreign Markets”.

“Network theory states no business acts in isolation – that every business has its contacts and some of these contacts operate abroad. Therefore, you might be a member of their value chain – and if you’re a member of their value chain, you might be encouraged to start doing international business.”

Market entry is a core feature of trade and investment activities by businesses across national borders.  It is an activity as relevant to alert SMEs as for larger businesses.  It involves trading and collaborating with foreign business partners and understanding other markets.  This webinar will discuss how legal services can assist businesses thinking of becoming involved in international business so that they may adequately deal with the cultural, country and commercial risk involved.

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