Directors’ Duties & Managing Conflicts of Interest

Directors’ Duties & Managing Conflicts of Interest

Module Overview

This module would cover topics including:

  • An overview of director statutory and non-statutory duties; what they mean, to whom duties are owed, how they operate.
  • Potential consequences of breaching director duties and recent examples of breaches.
  • Practical advice on avoiding breaches of director duties and avoiding / managing conflicts of interest.


Claire Knowles

Claire’s practice spans all aspects of employment advisory, transactional and litigation matters. She works closely with employers and HR teams on their people and organisational development strategies.

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Delivery Methods

  • In-House Classroom
  • Public Classroom
  • Webinar
  • Podcast
  • Infographic

Target Audience

  • Board of Directors/ Senior Managers/ Company Secretary – Actual & Prospective
  • SMEs and Start-ups
  • Existing company directors looking for a refresher

Guidance & Advice

This course is suitable for businesses of all sizes and of all stages of learning. This course is best delivered in person for the most educational value.

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