Reimagine & Refocus Conference

Reimagine & Refocus Conference

Speakers: Steve Berry, Claire Knowles, Christian Farrow, J Frank Holmes, Robin Jaques, Brian Morgan

In this webinar:

  • Sustaining EBIT approach
  • Management motivation & remuneration structures
  • Growth & succession planning
  • Panel discussion and Q&A

“What makes a business successful is definitely the talent and HR side… If you get the right structure and the right remuneration, you can get exceptional results.”

Steve Berry, Partner

This virtual conference and supporting workshops have been designed to support you to enhance profit and increase value.

We have all faced unprecedented change. The challenge is now for owners and shareholders to reimagine and refocus their organisations to create stability and growth.

The Reimagine Refocus conference will help you:

  • Explore ways to grow your company’s operating profits (EBIT) with the introduction of market-leading management and operating systems.
  • Align your management team with growth objectives by implementing remuneration structures that reward success.
  • Fund growth and adopt a strategy that allows stakeholders to realise value.

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