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Rethinking Finance & Growth

Reimagine & Refocus: Rethinking Finance & Growth Speaker: J Frank Holmes, Gambit Corporate Finance In this webinar: M&A MarketsWhat drives mergers & acquisitions?Best practices for M&AHow to maximise your returns “Using data dashboards to identify and spot trends is absolutely fundamental. You need to think about visualising what your customer segments are, where your pricing...
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Reshaping Business Structures

Reimagine & Refocus: Reshaping Business Structures Speakers: Steve Berry, Claire Knowles, Christian Farrow In this webinar: Reorganising your business post-pandemicManagement equity structuresBusiness growthGrowth companiesSuccessionHR and cultural issues “You can only drive a business with a purpose, value and culture if you have talent and if you reward them properly – and in today’s world, that...
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