Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis

Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis

Speakers: Jon Lawley, Aisha Wardell, Claire Knowles, Steve Morris

In this webinar:

  • The effects of the pandemic on litigation and court hearings
  • The Coronavirus Job retention Scheme
  • The effects of the pandemic on the real estate market
  • The effects of the pandemic on corporate business & contracts
  • Questions and Answers

“If it does appear likely that your revenues will dip to the extent that they will affect your ability to make repayments or financial covenants will not be met as a result, you should speak to your relationship director to see what options are available to you.”

Jon Lawley, Corporate Partner

In response to the ongoing economic situation caused by the COVD-19 pandemic, Acuity Law has assembled a panel of its experts who will be addressing those decisions your business will be facing in the coming weeks as the crisis continues.

“The key focus for businesses will be the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme… Under the scheme, any business that has their payroll set up will be able to claim for employees engaged on their payrolls for any salary payments at 80% of salary at a maximum cap of £2,500 per employee.”

Claire Knowles, Employment Partner

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